Thursday, January 29, 2009

What is all this moisture

- OMG it's just keeps on raining
- Well i know all the trees are happy getting H2O and all but, man this is like 3 days
- As currently I'm in holiday and has been appointed to be the part maid, the clothes r not getting dry anytime soon
- Just hate this

- I know this pic does not have anything to do with this current post, but Uolszzzz are forgetting the main thing here, this is Daszz Etravaganza so there must be something about me

- Basically that is my room, decorated by me........ love it
- Chiowww chiowwww cincau


FaDLi said...

kacak hiasan ko...

Daszz said...

Well.... biasalah..... biasa jak tok koh..... tapi nanng kacak nak :P

THREE said...

nice nice... keep up the pics. benda kdk tok lah org mok nangga. not some dumb QK girls bergambar dgn duak belah tangan angkat 'peace' omg thats so mukpuks.

OI RUMAH AKU BANJIR (agik)!!!!!!

Too much moisture. I mean, yeah i should be thankful its not the Gaza strip desert with all the superadded war disaster thing, but THIS IS LIKE LIVING IN A RAINFOREST IN MONSOON!!

oh wait... we ARE in Borneo.

Daszz said...

Three: benar banjir agik, air masok rumah ka?
sik lamak aku rasa bagus rumah kau ya jadi kamoung air mcm nok d nangga kita d sabah ya....... shit floating all over.... eeeewwwwww

FaDLi said...

dimaklumkan bahawa anda telah diTAG oleh saya. Sila ke blog sy untuk TAG tersebut. Selamat menbuat TAG.

p/s: Sekiranya dah perwah buat TAG tersebut, abaikanlah..

a!k0 said...

WOW...ok, if i get married...decorate my room ok :D